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This is why I've chosen to guide your families in a wonderful music program. Many times it's very hard to put into words that which you feel. Karl Paulnack has done that beautifully.
Boston Conservatory Welcome Address by Karl Paulnack

Locally owned and providing

to families in the Midlands for more than a decade.

Did you know that all children are musical?

Have you ever wondered what you can do to nurture the musical growth of your child, regardless of your own musical ability?

Experience Music Together® and find out how important--and how fun--your role can be!


Music Together has more than 3,000 locations in over 40 countries.

We'd love to have you join jus for a complete music collection. Our classes are for infants through five years old and the adults who love them.

Each new family can join us for one free class to find out what the Music Together experience is all about.

See why families love Music Together:


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