Read what our families are saying about the Music Together® experience:

Music Together with Sherri is the BEST class we have found and have attended since our son was around 6 months old (I think this is right). He's 2 years old now and it is still the class he loves best. He started humming before he could talk and he started singing as soon as he could talk. And sometimes I wonder whether MT helped him start talking at a really young age. He is a coordinated little dancer and musician (drums, strings) because of Music Together. MT allows our son to PLAY with music, enjoy a range of music (classic/jazz/middle eastern/asian/american...), understand low and high notes, loud and soft notes, different sounds of instruments. The music is fantastic (also for parents - I don't mind playing it over and over versus other 'baby' music out there). Sherri is an EXCELLENT teacher. She is attuned to each child every minute of the class and she is very sensitive to how her class develops. We and our son would highly recommend everyone to attend Music Together.

MT Family

Where to begin...Music Together has been the best experience for my family since we started a year ago. My daughter has grown to love the music and sings more and more with each class we take. We listen to the cds in the car, at home and we just sing all the time.

MT Mom

The first thing I did when my wife suggested moving from just outside New York City to rural South Carolina was nervously inquire whether a Music Together class was available anywhere nearby. We had been enjoying the program immensely in Montclair, NJ, and I knew that my son would want to continue. We found Sherri Almeida's classes, and from the first time we talked, I knew I had found a great program. The classes have a definite structure and comport with an overall plan, but there is an ad-hoc element that creates the type of fun that only spontaneity can create. As a full-time father who has experienced some resistance elsewhere, I can also attest to the warm and welcoming environment that Sherri creates. My son and I feel connected in a deeply personal way, knowing that even when we are tired or cranky, we will be accepted unconditionally. Unlike many other toddler programs, the program involves the children so intensely that their attention spans remain generally focused throughout the class. From small classes in bad weather, to huge classes sitting right next to the next child and parent, the mood is always upbeat, stress-free, and stimulating. And just as the folks at Music Together say, children take away bits and pieces from the music and incorporate it into their development. I have found my son quietly working out the rhythms and words to songs from several classes ago, then cracking himself up by mixing in words from other songs, or changing the finger play and dances. Coincidently, as we were just riding in the car, he was getting tired and a bit annoyed. I tried several music CDs and he told me to take them out of the player, asking for "Something else!" I put in the brand new CD for the Triangle semester, and his mood instantly improved. He sung with the Hello Song, listened intently to the next few, and then fell asleep to Ladybug, which I repeated a few times because the melody is so sweet. I have only great things to say about Sherri and Music Together, and would be happy to share my experiences with anyone considering registering.

MT Dad

A friend introduced me to Sherri's Music Together classes when my son was 8 months old. He is almost 3 and has a little sister now, and we are still enjoying our Music Together experience. The richness and variety of music is unparalleled. We have had sessions with music from 4 continents, and it is common to have as many styles of music as there are songs in the collection. Nowhere else have I been able to enjoy a Chinese folk song and an African lullaby on the same CD. The music is delightful. On top of that, the classes are pure joy. Take children and the adults who love them; add plenty of instruments, some bubbles, bells, and a parachute; stir well; and you have the fun of making music at a Music Together class!

MT Mom

Music Together has made a dream come true for me as a mom. I've always loved music but have been shy about actively participating in making music. When I became pregnant at age 40, I vowed that my baby-to-be would grow up with music as a constant and natural part of his or her life. A friend introduced me to Music Together with Sherri. She made us all feel so comfortable from the very first second, and we all had so much fun playing with the music that I decided to register for the class. My son is now 2-1/2, and we're in the midst of our fourth Music Together session. We play the CDs constantly, at home and in the car; we take them on vacations, along with some instruments and get other kids involved. The music is so moving and diverse that it's easy to get everyone excited and involved. At this young age, Diego is singing along with the songs, even from CDs we haven't listened to for months! He says "mama, music" when we wake up in the morning and when we get in the car to go anywhere. I truly believe that the program has helped him to feel great about music and has helped him with his language skills. He and I have both grown in so many ways through Music Together. We're especially thankful that Sherri was inspired by the program and has committed so much of her time and passion to sharing Music Together with the families of Columbia, SC. You are making a lifelong difference in our lives.

MT Mom

I love Music Together classes. I was originally hesitant when a friend recommended MT for my infant daughter, but when I participated in a demo class I saw this was not "lessons" but age-appropriate musical experiences for children and their families. I have now been participating in MT for 4 years with my daughter and son. My son participated as a "tag-along" infant since 3 weeks old. His enthusiasm and interest and growing proficiency in music have continued from that first session to our current one (he is approaching 3 years old). My daughter sings her way through each day, and I (and my husband) have incorporated music into our daily life. I am so grateful for this fabulous music program!

MT Mom